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August 28, 2021 6 min read

In case there is one style of design that never becomes dated, it's the boho-stylish look. Cool, loose and craving for something new – these are a portion of the modifiers that strike a chord that best portrays a boho young lady. From the pre-Raphaelite ladies in the nineteenth century to Gwen Stefani, boho design has been the decision of style for some ladies.

At the point when the warm, natural tones that are normal for boho style are joined with the reds and oranges of harvest time, the sight is absolutely otherworldly.

Notwithstanding, in case we are straightforward, the boho impact has been spreading wildly in the previous few years. It is exacerbated by the scandalous Coachella design where everybody is resolved on wearing the printed maxi, crotchet tops, flower headbands and bordered outfits.

Independent of whether the celebration attendees regard the boho style, for a few of us, it is a lifestyle. Media and visual over-burden can here and there cause us to feel bored, yet discover motivation and keep our looks refreshed and individualistic.

Today, we share some of our best styling tips to refresh your boho fashion for the autumn season.

  • Update your color palette.

The color palette of boho fashion is intrinsically warm and earthy. However, this does not mean you have to limit yourself to brown and terracotta colors. Consider adding colors such as a teal sweater, a mustard yellow skirt or shades of rust and deep purple.

When you add these colors to your autumn wardrobe, they instantly add a pop of color and freshness. If you are not so fond of colored garments, you can add color through accessories such as a hat, scarf or jewelry.

  • Add a structured piece.

Structured and boho? Well, hear us out. When you have top to bottom crochet and frilly outfit, you can risk looking like you’re wearing a costume.

A subtle way to keep your boho style up to date is to add a structured blazer or a trouser. When you have on a blazer, you can go crazy with the bottoms. A pair of nice tailored trousers with an Aztec printed blazer and vice versa.

Unlike summer or winter when you have to either wear less or bundle up, autumn is the perfect time to experiment with transitional garments like streamlined cover-ups, printed ponchos, cardigans and blazers.

  • Bring out the boots.

The weather is still balmy, and the snow and frost is still a couple of months away during this time of the year. It’s time to bring out the boots. Ankle boots with fringes and buckles, knee-length boots or combat boots, these work perfectly with miniskirts, dresses and jeans.

Boots are not only practical for this season, but they also lend an element of retro and rock style to an outfit.

  • Add animal prints.

Animal prints, most notably the leopard print, have always been in the fashion circuit. However, with noted designers such as Tom Ford and Victoria Beckham putting it out on the runaway, the leopard print bounced back with a vengeance.
Add a leopard print top, a coat, or a scarf to your autumn wardrobe for that immediate elevation. If you are not bold enough to add a big piece, you can find leopard prints in shoes as well as bags.

  • Layer up.

We cannot stress enough on the joy of getting to add layers of clothing during this glorious season of the year. A shaggy vest, a utility jacket with fringes in the back, a faux fur vest, these are great additions to boho outfit. You can style these outfits for the day or for work in the office.
The texture is an integral part of vintage and boho fashion, so pay attention to details and textures.

  • Complete your outfit with hats.

Accessories play a vital role in boho look of an outfit. And hats are an excellent way to look chic and boho at the same time. At the same time, they also keep out the wind when you are out and about.

None of the hats portrays bohemian style better than a baker boy’s hat or fisherman’s cap. Other types of hat that you can wear are floppy wool hats, straw hats or even boater hats. Unless you have the resources, it is not necessary to spend fortunes to get the perfect hats. A lot of vintage stores, both online and physical stores, have a great selection of boho accessories you can choose from.

An added benefit of adding a hat to your outfit is that they keep you protected from the sun rays.

Along the same lines of headgear, printed scarves are a great addition as well. They can be tied around the head for a cool, rock-chic vibe. Alternatively, use them to tie up those curls or simply tie them to your wrists.

  • High-waisted vintage jeans.

These styles of denims were all the rage in the 70s and judging by the style tips from bloggers and YouTubers, it is making a huge comeback. High-waisted jeans are gaining more popularity than skinny jeans.

And these styles of jeans make a great transition outfit from summer to autumn as well. Not only that, ripped or distressed jeans with raw hems are perfect for the ultimate boho-chic outfit. You can pair the jeans with vests, t-shirts, crochet and frilly tops, and you will look nothing but fabulous.

We suggest staying away from high-fashion stores which are trying to replicate the vintage look. Although they might look good when you first buy them, they do not hold up well. Nothing beats a pair of ripped vintage denim from a local or an online thrift store.

  • Accessorize right.

Irrespective of the seasons, accessories play a principle role in a boho-chic outfit. Bracelets, bangles, necklaces and earrings are key to transforming your looks. Look for pieces that you can layer effortlessly. The rules of minimalism do not apply in a boho-chic style. It is all about the expression of personal style.

Adding the right pieces of accessories is also a great way to make your outfit more personalized and individualistic. Consider adding anklets as well as crowns and other headpieces to spice up your boho outfit.

Of course, every boho woman needs a fringed bag in her wardrobe. Whether they are backpacks or shoulder bags, choose the ones with prints, patterns, ethnic designs with tassels and beads. When it comes to accessorizing for a boho outfit, bigger and louder designs usually work the best.

Photo credit: Instagram – @freepeople

How to find the right balance between chic boho style and autumn
The colors of boho style and autumn are very similar. However, translating your style and being able to modify it to the different season takes practice. Finding the right balance between comfort and your individual style is vital.

  • Find your undertone.

The undertone of your skin is the first thing you need to consider. Yes, we all have different undertones. Typically, there are two undertones irrespective of race and ethnicity. There are warm undertones and cool undertones.

Why is this a concern you ask? Well, there are different shades in one color. Take, for example, a woman with warm undertones will look fabulous in mustard yellow. But a woman with cool undertones may look sallow in it.

The easiest way to establish your undertone is to consider if you look good in gold-toned jewelry or silver ones. If gold makes your skin glow, you are warm-toned. But if your eyes shine in silver, you are cool-toned.

  • Make your purchase wisely.

You must start your boho fashion journey with key pieces that you will love for ages. Adding a great ruffled dress or a statement jacket is an investment.
If you go out and buy a dress from a fast-fashion store, chances are that the quality of the fabric will disappoint you. The dress might also have the current style elements incorporated into it and may not be in fashion the next seasonMake your purchases wisely and choose quality over quantity.

  • Boho-chic is a lifestyle.

The next thing is to understand that boho-chic is not a trend. It is a lifestyle for many, a way of life. It has more to it than just fringes and running around aimlessly.

There is a wonderful saying which says that all who wander are not lost. Boho-chic fashion is just one tiny part of a phenomenon which has been around for decades and will be around for many more. Finessing the art of boho-chic style requires patience and love for the art.

If you think that you will be wearing boho style clothes for a couple of seasons before moving on to something else, consider if this is the right decision for you. Trying to emulate a lifestyle for a month or two, without giving it much thought and effort is almost a sacrilege.


Despite the fact that a designer labeled it a cash cow, and whether the high-street fashion advocates it or not, boho-chic is here to stay. The style is very forgiving on all types of bodies, and it lends an aura of free-spirit to a person wearing it.

And what better way to transition into autumn than wear these warm, welcoming colors that define chic boho style.

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